Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy for Adults, Children and Babies

Osteopathy is an established and recognised system of diagnosis and treatment which is based upon the principle that in order for the body to work properly, the structural components of that body must be correct. It is distinctive from other forms of healthcare in that it acknowledges that much of the pain and disability which we suffer stems from abnormalities in the structural function of the body, as well as damage caused to it by disease.

Back pain is the most common reason for patients to seek help from an osteopath, but the range of conditions which can be helped is widespread and includes back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee pain; rheumatic pain; headache and migraine prevention; neurological symptoms such as sciatica and neuralgia; circulatory problems; muscle problems such as cramps and spasms: minor sports injuries and fibromyalgia.

Pregnant women can be helped with some of the postural changes which occur during pregnancy, and babies and children might also benefit from cranial osteopathy, a very gentle form of treatment.


Find out more about our Osteopaths:

Alexander Spence D.O.

Matthew Green BSc. Hons. Ost

Moraig Goodwin BSc. Hons. Ost

Richard Harvey BSc. Hons. Ost Med

Sally Beazleigh D.O.