Gynae/infertility/pregnancy related issues

You may have noticed any of the following: irregular or painful periods, very light periods, have no periods or skip them, PMT, other symptoms which get worse at certain times of your menstrual cycle. You may have diagnosed conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis. You may have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, or have had a number of miscarriages. Whilst pregnant, you are looking to maintain your health in a natural way that will not harm your baby. You may develop back ache or pelvic pain, sciatica, a rise in blood pressure, anxiety, morning sickness, breech presentation baby, baby is overdue. You may want to consider treatment for you and your baby post-natal if there were complications during the delivery, or if your baby has problems settling, or has conditions such as colic. Patients frequently seek help from these treatments:

Osteopathy/Acupuncture/Combined Remedial Treatment/Massage/Homeopathy/Reflexology