I have suffered with chronic pain for over 20 years. I've tried many therapies before, including traditional and complementary medicine.

I have found that a series of acupuncture treatments with Lynne helped immensely with my symptoms. There were times when I had such severe attacks and I didn't know what to do with myself, and Lynne Hitchin - with the help of her special needles - was able to reduce the intensity of the attacks and help me cope better. There were other times when our treatments were targeted at prevention, such as reducing the frequency and intensity of my attacks, and they helped too.

I can't recommend Lynne highly enough. She truly cares for her patients, she really listens and understands what is going on and she's able to figure out which acupuncture treatment works best for those specific conditions. I have benefited from her treatments for various types of chronic pain: migraines, backache, nerve pain, IBS cramps. It's a comfort for me to know that if I get unwell again, she will be able to help me.

Mrs. M, 44

I originally began seeing Lynne Hitchin for help with stress. Over the weeks that I saw her, I began to relax and found that massage could benefit your over-all health. Lynne found other health problems that needed to be resolved and I am now relatively pain free in my hips due to her expertise. Lynne’s voice has always been gentle and kind, she listens, is wise and sensitive. I continue to see Lynne regularly and have done so for eight years. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and consider the time and money spent an investment in my health.

Debra Wheeler

Dear Michael, just to say thanks so much for your help today. My back and neck feel so much better after the acupuncture and keep on improving almost by the minute!! They have nearly completely released already - fabulous!!


Anyone who knows me would say I'm a 'Cynic', at least a 'Disbeliever' or 'Doubter'.  I see it as simply just being a Realist.

An astonishing choice for me to even seek an "alternative' course of Medical attention but the fact is that I'd concluded it was a waste of time following the conventional choice - NHS. Eight months of continued discomfort and pain and the inevitable repeated prescriptions for Cream(s) & 'Don't worry, it will get better' advice! However, the need to find any cure was now over-whelming and after all I had been to The Complementary Health Centre in Ely before to se an Osteopath and was pleased with the outcome, so I thought what have I got to lose! A radical step to consider what they may offer. In the back of my mind I wondered if Acupuncture would solve my problem? So I went along and enquired without asking for a particular treatment as I wanted to see what was suggested and after referral to Matthew Kent, Acupuncture was indeed the suggested treatment.

The problem was previously suggested as being Planter Fasciitis, 'fallen arches' in my left foot, not totally debilitating but very uncomfortable, annoying in the least, painful at worst but considering that I walk all day as part of my job, never given chance for 'rest & recovery'. What's more, on my days off I enjoy WALKING; 20 to 25 miles was my normal regular weekend target. The benefits to my health had been enormous and I really did not want to let it go - what a strange irony, walking had helped my overall fitness and well-being but now i was being prevented from doing so!

However, what was really distressing to me was that I was at great risk of not taking part in a yearly challenge of walking 46 miles in a Commerative event that I had completed in the previous 3 years with some credibility, and it was an event that I looked forward to completely. Now I was on the brink of not even 'showing' on the day or considering only at best 'partial completion'. Both options totally 'against the grain'.

In this case, at short notice I attended just 2 sessions with Matthew, he knew the objective and set about his work, various techniques were applied: I accepted without question what was being done, only too willing for a result?

And on the Day the RESULT was that the Walk was duly completed, to my utter amazement, 46 miles in 15 hours, well within the target, whereas in the entire preceding 6 months I had ONLY completed just 48 miles in 3 separate walks, a massive shortfall to my normal weekly programme. Something indeed had well and truly been achieved.

So as a REALIST, the Reality of this treatment was something that Worked in just 2 sessions whereas initially it was suggested that several sessions would be required. I'm not saying that I'm fixed for good, and maybe some more sessions would be required but the change has been totally impressive and in the face of undoubted failure I did that Walk - all 46 miles with no more discomfort than anyone else would expect or to what I'd experienced during the previous 3 times of relative fitness.

Well done Matthew - All my Thanks.


I believe that I have been treated by Alex Spence and his practitioners, off and on for some fourteen years and it's always a delight to attend the Centre because every one of the team are so welcoming and so EFFECTIVE.

Last year, having found I was experiencing stiffness in some joints, probably due to me now being 83, I requested a session of massage and Alex Spence recommended that I would get help from Vaida Vaskiene who is a massage therapist.

Vaida exhibits professionalism, and also empathy, in explaining the treatment and answering my (layman's) questions.


I find the massage treatment soothingly relaxing with the bonus of great conversation.

Gordon Reid

The treatment I have received from Vaida Vaskiene was absolutely fantastic. She is highly skilled and professional.  I would recommend her to anyone who suffers with back problems.

Noemi Banhidi

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