I first went to Ely Complementary Health Centre several years ago to have treatment for some pain I was having in my wrists. What I discovered was that the aching in my wrists was just a symptom of my lifestyle (working long hours in front of a PC), diet (carrying too much weight, not drinking enough water), posture (all of the above) and general tension I was carrying in other parts of my body (jaw, neck, shoulders and legs) due to stress and major back surgery I had when I was younger.

Through intense initial massage therapy (once a week) with Lynne Hitchin and osteopathy with Alex Spence, the pains I had been experiencing disappeared. Over the years I have continued with treatment and have become more aware and respectful of how I treat myself and my physical limitations are becoming less and less.

I now have a massage once a month and osteopathy once a quarter to keep things ticking along and this has proved invaluable in preventing further problems developing.

Paul Fuggle

For some years I have been suffering with a chronic condition of low back pain and was recommended to try acupuncture by my osteopath (Alex Spence), to see if this different approach would give me some relief from the pain I was continuing to have.

Although I was a 'little sceptical' before seeing Michael Balshaw, I have definitely found acupuncture to be of great help in relieving the pain and muscle tightness I suffer from. Michael has an extremely calm and professional approach to his work and I feel he takes the time to listen to me, never making me feel rushed during the consultations. There is no pain whatsoever with the needles (something I think that people worry about) and the acupuncture leaves me feeling very relaxed and less stressed. I have no doubt that this has helped my condition, and with ongoing sessions, I hope to continue to improve.

I would highly recommend Michael and acupuncture

Alison Spencer

From a personal point of view, Matthew Kent our acupuncturist has, using both western and oriental techniques, effectively helped my husband in alleviating the pain he was experiencing in his hand and hip joints and he has helped to resolve my sleep problems, pain in my foot and is now treating me for muscular pain in my back and thighs. He takes time to understand his patients and their specific needs. He is very thorough, pays attention to detail and updates his knowledge regularly. He offers an alternative solution to our health problems rather than having to ask the doctor for yet more medication!

Sir Graham and Lady Bright

After many years of back problems I am now pain free as a result of the dedicated care and advice I have received, over time, from the Osteopathic team at Ely Complementary Health Centre. To maintain the status quo, I now see Moraig Goodwin on a regular basis, which keeps me and my back happy.

Susan Murray

Matthew Kent is a highly professional. His friendly manner puts his patients at ease, and he explains clearly what he is going to do. He treats all the presenting symptoms when he believes that acupuncture is the appropriate course, but will not treat when he feels it is not appropriate to do so, and again, explains why. I trust him implicitly, despite having been very sceptical initially about acupuncture. I have been overwhelmed by the difference the treatment has made to my life. I have gone from suffering one or two migraines a week, to having a migraine once every three months within a remarkably short space of time.

Robin Barnet

I've been enjoying regular treatments at Ely Complementary Health Centre over the 2 years - both massage and acupuncture. Both keep me sane and help balance a 'normal' and hectic life. Lynne Hitchin is warm and welcoming, extremely professional and always seeking to improve her knowledge and skills.

Deb, 44

I have been using Ely Complementary Health Centre for many years for an on-going back problem. The treatment throughout the practice has always been successful and beneficial. For several months now, I have been having a combination of acupuncture and deep tissue massage with Lynne Hitchin, which is amazing and always a success. I have received lots of advice from the practitioners throughout the years, which has helped me manage my condition and has always been very much appreciated.

Simon Taylor, 43

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