Moraig Goodwin BSc. Hons. OST

Moraig Goodwin graduated from The College of Osteopaths in 2007. She joined Ely Complementary Health Centre shortly afterwards to run a dedicated clinic for children, and now treats patients of all ages from the newborn to the very elderly.

Her approach is gentle, utilising the self-healing mechanisms of the body to effect healing, and she does this using a combination of conventional structural approaches and gentler cranial osteopathic techniques. This gentle approach is particularly suited to the very young and to the very elderly, although all patients can benefit from it.

Moraig has a particular interest in treating babies and children as well as providing treatment for pregnant mothers to help alleviate some of the physical strains of pregnancy and in preparation for labour.

Along with all Registered Osteopaths, Moraig regularly attends training courses to maintain her skills and to develop new ones.

Outside her work, Moraig has a busy active life looking after her young daughter.


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