Alexander Spence D.O.

"I feel great can you keep me this way?"

It has now been 27 years since I qualified and over 25 years since the practice at Sextry House was formed.

The emphasis has shifted from being an osteopathic sole practitioner to being a very well developed and integrated complementary health centre.

In its strictest sense we we are no longer a complementary health centre but a combined one. The presence of osteopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists,  reflexologists and psychotherapists means that we have the best of all worlds at our fingertips.

The Now

I have never been interested in working solely and have always enjoyed consulting with other disciplines and ensuring that the patient gets the most appropriate and effective care.

Having studied soft tissue techniques and dry needling approaches makes it much easier to recognise when osteopathic manipulation is not enough. We now have 4 acupuncturists and 3 massage therapists, each bringing a unique flavour to the treatment couch, meaning that cross referring patients in-house is easy. This diagnostic sieve and treatment pathway is a very powerful machine. I am convinced that this has been recognised by our patients and has been responsible for the growth of the practice with very little advertising.

This bringing together of skills and different ways of looking at patients is something that I wish for the practice to develop with our physiotherapist Katie McLernon. We have much to learn from one another for the patient's benefit.

The Future

So where do I see my future?

Having 2 free days a week has enabled me to step back and look at the practice in a much more business based way. We have endeavoured to develop and maintain a social media presence - a new World for many of us!

The practice is forever changing and that needs to be managed. I only want the best practitioners and the most cohesive team. People do leave as circumstances change but the centre is still growing in diversity and depth.

We need to access the GP's and show them how much we can help their patients. Offering almost immediate access and an enormous wealth of skills and knowledge patients can be given the opportunity not to have to wait for the burdened NHS.

It is possible to refer to MRI and Imaging centres at very competitive rates.

Final Points

I will bang on about this. I want patients to come into the practice saying "I feel great can you keep me this way!?!"


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