Tamsin Parrott BA (Hons) LSSM (Dip) MISRM

Following a career in publishing and raising two children, one of whom has a variety of complex additional needs, I have personally experienced and fully appreciate the far reaching beneficial effects of massage therapy, on both a physical and emotional level.

As a result, I decided to retrain and pursue a career in Soft Tissue & Remedial Massage Therapy. I undertook my training at the London School of Sports Massage which provided me with an extensive, in-depth and diverse approach and qualified in 2016 with a Level 5 diploma and am now a fully qualified therapist.

Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapy is a safe, hands on yet non-invasive therapy, used to treat soft tissue pain, dysfunction and injury. It incorporates the different use of general massage techniques combined with the other soft tissue techniques adapted from Physiotherapists and Osteopaths such as:

  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Neuro Muscular Techniques
  • Connective Tissue Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Trigger Point Therapy

Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapy can aid recovery, improving the condition of the soft tissues and joint mobility and can also improve postural misalignment. It is a versatile treatment that can help clients of any age from any walk of life, who present with a variety of musculoskeletal issues as well as specific medical conditions. It can greatly relieve muscular aches and pains, improve circulation and improve the physical conditions caused by everyday and occupational stresses and strain, overuse and repetitive strain injuries, postural misalignment and sports injuries. Symptoms which respond well to massage therapy include back, neck and hip pain, piriformis (buttock) pain, rotator cuff issues, whiplash, compartment syndrome such as carpal tunnel syndrome, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), hypertension, edema. It is also extremely beneficial in treating emotional stress, anxiety and depression.

I fully recognise the importance of employing three essential elements to my practice:

  • pre treatment assessment: employing a variety of assessment methods specific to the individual client's issue and devising a suitable treatment plan accordingly.
  • treatment: combining a range of techniques to aid healing, promote recovery and improve the condition of the soft tissues and joint mobility.
  • rehabilitation: advising the client on a variety of remedial stretches, exercise and small lifestyle alterations to promote healing, prevent further injury recurrence and with a view to making long term improvements to soft tissue health, joint mobility and postural alignment.

I regularly attend training courses to enhance my knowledge and skills, as well as develop new understanding and techniques. I am a member of the Institute for Sport & Remedial Massage. I consider myself extremely fortunate to work closely with other Practitioners at Ely Complementary Health Centre, ensuring the very best level of care for each individual client.


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