It has long been my aim to make the journey each patient takes from deciding that they need treatment to receiving our advice and expertise as effortlessly as possible, and to provide a warm, welcoming and reassuring environment for their journey.

I have wanted the reputation of the clinic to be based on honesty, integrity and professionalism whilst retaining the warmth and individuality that this arm of medicine has to offer.

Patients can be assured in the knowledge that we will find them the best treatment pathway and that, where they are seeing more than one practitioner, the internal avenues of communication will ensure that they are receiving the best possible integrated care. We are proud that the clinic has a reputation of ‘if we can help we will, and if we can’t we will tell you’.

This desire and combination of skills we offer makes this clinic a very valuable resource for Ely and the surrounding area, a location and environment of which we are proud to be part. Why not contact our team of reception staff and see how we might be able to help you? Where they can answer your questions they will, if not, they will put you in touch with practitioners who can.

Over the years we have developed links with GPs, consultants and diagnostic centres. This means that we have access to their specialist fields of knowledge and also the ability to refer when we are at the limits of our particular skills.



Alexander Spence D.O. - Founder of Ely Complementary Health Centre

Data Protection: All information held by Ely Complementary Health Centre will be used solely by Ely Complementary Health Centre and will not be passed on to any third parties. Both paper and electronic treatment records are held securely. A patient’s permission will be sought before any communication is undertaken on their behalf with external healthcare professionals eg GPs.

Our Privacy policy can be found at the News section.

Ely Complementary Health Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sphere Integrated Health Care Limited

Sphere Health is registered in England. Company Registration number: 05354461