Discover why more than 15,500 people have sought help from us

We aim to provide you with the highest possible standard of healthcare, in the most pertinent and effective manner for you. As a recognised centre of excellence using complementary and orthodox skills, your health is our priority.


Not a day goes by when patients ask us the same questions:


  • Why have I got this pain?
  • What’s caused this problem?
  • How can I get it better?
  • How can I avoid it in the future?
  • What can I do to help myself?


We go out of our way to answer these questions!


We actually want you to visit us as rarely as possible and we want YOU to be in charge of your wellbeing. We firmly believe that there is an answer to most people's problems. Even if the answer is not always immediately obvious or straightforward, by taking a detailed case history, listening to all your health concerns and taking your work and lifestyle in to account, we will get closer to a solution where we can help, maybe with the aid of further investigations through your GP.


We are proud of the fact that for more than 20 years we have never sat still or rested on our laurels. Each member of the team is committed to expanding their knowledge and skill set, and is not only here to treat, but to guide, educate and empower you to stay fit, healthy and well.


Let us help you find the solution; whatever your health needs and concerns, get in touch and see how we can help you!