Ear Candles

Ear candles have been used for many millennia by ancient civilizations to cleanse and purify and as part of shamanic rituals. There has been resurgence in their use in recent years, as various health benefits have been discovered.


What are they?

The candle is actually a hollow cotton tube, which has been dipped, in natural ingredients such as bees wax, honey and herbal essences of sage, St. John’s wart and chamomile.


How do they work?

An end is inserted in the ear, the other lit and a vacuum is created by the flame. A vibrating column of upwardly moving air develops, which not only massages the eardrum but helps to draw out wax and other impurities and to equalise pressure in the sinuses. A pleasant relaxing sensation is felt.


What are they for?

Ear candles can benefit all kinds of ear disorders such as blocked ears, earache and tinnitus. They can also help alleviate sinus pain headaches and stress in general.


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