Naturopathy is a natural approach to healthcare, which treats the whole person.

Treatment firstly involves identifying and understanding the cause of your symptoms.

The impact of poor diet, stress, environmental pollution and modern lifestyles on health is always considered.

Scientific advances in functional medicine offer the modern Naturopath, complex diagnostic laboratory tests, to develop targeted treatments for complex health problems.

You will be given an individual health plan which includes diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, stress management and lifestyle advice.

Blended with the right nutritional balance, lifestyle and stress management naturopathy can:

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Relieve many health problems
  • Give you a positive feeling of wellbeing
  • Empower you to have control of your own health

By discovering and understanding your own health requirements, it becomes far easier to look after your personal wellbeing on an ongoing basis. Maintaining this positive, natural approach to your health and energy offers lifelong benefits for you to embrace.

Please note that Glenys Collings is away from the clinic until 13 March 2020.