We all experience challenges at some points in our life. Psychotherapy supports people who desire a change in their life by teaching skills and techniques that help people to adapt the way they think, feel and behave in order to improve the quality of their life.

A variety of approaches is used including solution focused psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour approach and hypnosis.

The focus is on getting to where the client wants to be, harnessing their own resources and learning simple effective tools that can be used to aid the change that they want to see in their life.

The sessions are relaxing and empowering.

Some of the outcomes of psychotherapy are: boosting self-esteem and confidence, overcoming the effects of past negative experience, changing unwanted habits, having a positive mental attitude, learning how to control the way you feel, enjoying activities you used to fear, overcoming fears, getting more pleasure out of life and achieving personal goals.

Other common treatments include: grief and loss, anxiety, phobia and trauma, depression, stop smoking and weight issues.


Find out more about our Psychotherapist:

Adele Pemberton BSc Hons. Psych, P.G. Dip Psychosynthesis, NLP Master, MBACP