Glenys Collings ND, Pg. Integrated Medicine - Naturopath

"My aim is to empower individuals - not just to stay healthy or be OK for their age - but to treat illness and regain health naturally"

Glenys Collings brings with her a wealth of skills and knowledge following many years' experience as a nurse practitioner. During that time, she treated acute health problems, managed chronic diseases, and supported patients with emotional problems using orthodox medicine.

However, Glenys recognised the impact of diet, lifestyle, stress, genetics, environment on health and the importance of treating the root cause and she subsequently qualified in Naturopathy in 2006 and she completed a postgraduate in Integrative Medicine in 2011.

Her dedication to health care encompasses functional medicine with nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle therapies.

She has also worked successfully in Drug and Alcohol addiction, supporting recovery with nutritional interventions and continues to help clients overcome every day addictions such as sugar, caffeine, and nicotine. This pioneering approach considers the effect of diet, stress and lifestyle on health and will empower you to understand and manage your own health.

Glenys has successfully helped many people to make positive diet and natural lifestyle changes which have restored health, vitality and mental wellbeing.

She has special interests in digestive health, hormonal health, weight management and addictions.

Diagnostic testing, with leading clinical laboratories offers advanced clinical solutions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex chronic diseases.

Glenys has a clinic on Friday afternoons between 14:00-17:00.

Please note that Glenys Collings is away from the clinic until 13 March 2020

You can also visit Glenys's website by going to Useful Links